Puppet Server 2.0: Release Notes

This version of Puppet Server is not included in Puppet Enterprise. The latest version of PE includes Puppet Server 2.3. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

Puppet Server 2.0

In keeping with semantic versioning practices, this release of Puppet Server introduces changes that break compatibility with Puppet 3.x agents. Please carefully read these release notes before attempting to upgrade your Puppet installation, as the locations of key files have moved, and changes to the Puppet Server API may require configuration changes.

Supported Platforms

Puppet Server 2.0 ships for the following supported platforms:

  • Enterprise Linux 7
  • Enterprise Linux 6
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Debian 7

What’s New in Puppet Server 2.0

Repository Location and Pre-Installation

As with Puppet 4.0, Puppet Server 2.0 is now distributed via the new Puppet Collection repositories. Puppet Server 2.0 is part of Puppet Collection 1.

In order to install Puppet Server 2.0, you’ll need to install a release package appropriate to your operating system. See the Puppet 4 installation guide for information on how to prepare your system for installation, and specific installation instructions.

  • SERVER-524 - Set repo-target to PC1 for 2.0 release

Changes to Library and File Locations

Note: These changes affect your ability to upgrade agents. Please consult the Puppet installation layout document for guidance on where to move files before upgrading.

As part of the move to a unified all-in-one configuration layout, the locations of configuration files and directories has changed.

Due to changes in the location of Ruby gems in Puppet Server 2.0, you’ll need to move your SSL certificates and any extensions you’ve installed, as well.

  • SERVER-370 - Change ruby-load-path to /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby
  • SERVER-371 - Change gem_home to /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/cache/jruby-gems
  • SERVER-387- Update puppet-server config directory
  • SERVER-409 - Plumb confdir, vardir, codedir, logdir, rundir values

REST auth.conf

As a result of the REST API URL changes between Puppet Server 1.x and 2.0, Puppet Server 1.x users who have modified their auth.conf will need to make changes when upgrading to Puppet Server 2.0. See SERVER-526 for some additional information.

These auth.conf changes follow the same changes required for any users upgrading from Puppet 3.x to Puppet 4.x.

Backwards Compatibility

Puppet Server 2.0 is not backwards compatible with Puppet 3.x agents. Version 2.0 of Puppet Server is only compatible with Puppet 4.x agents. If upgrading all your agents and masters in concert will be a problem for you, please consider waiting until we release Puppet Server 2.1.

Known Issues

Installing gems when Puppet Server is behind a proxy requires manual download of gems

When a Puppet master must access the Internet via a proxy server, it is not possible to use the puppetserver gem command to install gems. To work around this issue until we release a fix:

  1. Use rubygems.org to search for and download the gem you want to install.
  2. Run the command puppetserver gem install --local <PATH to GEM>.
  • SERVER-377 - puppetserver gem command doesn’t work from behind a proxy server

Bug Fixes

Puppet Server now reports when new versions are available.

Due to a mismatch in naming conventions, Puppet Server was unable to report the availability of new versions. We’ve addressed this bug by adopting the increasing preference to eliminate hyphens from assorted project and package names.

  • SERVER-520 - Apply artifact-id updates to version checks in master
  • SERVER-457 - Get dujour working with Puppet Server 2.0.0 RC

Fix inconsistent behavior around always_cache_features setting

We’ve fixed a bug in puppetserver where always_cache_features was not always overridden because it could be changed in puppet.conf. The behavior is now explicitly managed in code rather than configuration.

  • SERVER-410 - Explicitly override always\_cache\_features in puppetserver

Fix unreliable puppetserver start behavior

We’ve Fixed a bug where puppetserver was not starting reliably from the service management framework due to the “rundir” not being writable.

  • SERVER-414 - Handle rundir creation for puppet and puppetserver in Puppet Server 2.x

Fix misleading silence from puppetserver foreground command

We’ve fixed a bug where the puppetserver foreground command would not produce any output, making it appear as if the command had not started or was stalled. The foreground command produces debugging output in 2.0.0.

  • SERVER-356 - puppetserver foreground produces no output

All Changes

For a list of all changes in this release, see this JIRA page:

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