PuppetDB 4.0: PuppetDB CLI

Included in Puppet Enterprise 2016.1.

PuppetDB CLI


Step 1: Install and configure Puppet

If Puppet isn’t fully installed and configured install it and request, sign, and retrieve a certificate for the node.

Your node should be running the Puppet agent and have a signed certificate from your Puppet master server. If you run puppet agent --test, it should successfully complete a run, ending with Notice: Applied catalog in X.XX seconds.

Note: it is helpful to add the Puppet bin, /opt/puppetlabs/bin, and man, /opt/puppetlabs/client/tools/share/man, directories to your PATH and MANPATH directories respectively. For example,

$ export PATH=/opt/puppetlabs/bin:$PATH
$ export MANPATH=/opt/puppetlabs/client/tools/share/man:$MANPATH

The rest of this documentation assumes that these two directories have been added to their proper path configurations.

Step 2: Enable the Puppet Labs package repository

If you didn’t already use it to install Puppet, you will need to enable the Puppet Labs package repository for your system.

Step 3: Install and configure the PuppetDB CLI

Use Puppet to install the PuppetDB CLI:

$ puppet resource package puppet-client-tools ensure=latest

If the node you installed the CLI on is not the same node as your PuppetDB server, you will need to add the CLI node’s certname to the PuppetDB certificate-whitelist and specify the paths to the CLI node’s cacert, cert, and private key when using the CLI either with flags or a configuration file.

To configure the PuppetDB CLI to talk to your PuppetDB with flags, add a configuration file at $HOME/.puppetlabs/client-tools/puppetdb.conf. For more details see the installed man page:

$ man puppetdb_conf

Step 4: Enjoy!

Here are some examples of using the CLI.

Using puppet query

Query PuppetDB using PQL:

$ puppet query 'nodes [ certname ]{ limit 1 }'

Or query PuppetDB using the AST syntax:

$ puppet query '["from", "nodes", ["extract", "certname"], ["limit", "1"]]'

For more information on the query command:

$ man puppet-query

Using puppet db

Handle your PuppetDB exports:

$ puppet db export pdb-archive.tgz --anonymization full

Or handle your PuppetDB imports:

$ puppet db import pdb-archive.tgz

For more information on the db command:

$ man puppet-db

For more information about PuppetDB exports, imports, and anonymization see.

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