PuppetDB 1.4 » Community Projects and Add-ons

This version of PuppetDB is not included in Puppet Enterprise. The latest version of PE includes PuppetDB 4.0. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

None of the following projects are published by or endorsed by Puppet Labs. They are linked to here for informational purposes only.

Jason Hancock — nagios-puppetdb

A collection of Nagios scripts/plugins for monitoring PuppetDB. These plugins get data using PuppetDB’s metrics APIs. Pulling this data into Nagios lets you monitor key metrics over time and receive alerts when they cross certain thresholds. This can partially or completely replace the built-in performance dashboard. Especially useful for knowing when the heap size or thread count needs tuning.

Erik Dalén — PuppetDB query functions for Puppet

A Puppet module with functions for querying PuppetDB data. By default, exported resources are the only way for Puppet manifests to get other nodes’ data from PuppetDB. These functions let you get other data. In particular, the pdbnodequery function can let you search nodes by class or resource, an operation that normally requires multiple PuppetDB queries. The functions in this module include:

  • pdbresourcequery
  • pdbnodequery
  • pdbfactquery
  • pdbstatusquery
  • pdbquery

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