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This version of PuppetDB is not included in Puppet Enterprise. The latest version of PE includes PuppetDB 4.4. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.


GET /experimental/events


  • query: Required. A JSON array of query predicates, in prefix form. (The standard ["<OPERATOR>", "<FIELD>", "<VALUE>"] format.)

For example, for all events in the report with hash ‘38ff2aef3ffb7800fe85b322280ade2b867c8d27’, the JSON query structure would be:

["=", "report", "38ff2aef3ffb7800fe85b322280ade2b867c8d27"]

The only available OPERATOR is =.


The only available FIELD is report, which is the unique id of the report; this is a hash built up from the contents of the report which allow us to distinguish it from other reports. These ids can be acquired via the /reports query endpoint.

Response format

The response is a JSON array of events that matched the input parameters. The events are sorted by their timestamps, in descending order:

    "old-value": "absent",
    "property": "ensure",
    "timestamp": "2012-10-30T19:01:05.000Z",
    "resource-type": "File",
    "resource-title": "/tmp/reportingfoo",
    "new-value": "file",
    "message": "defined content as '{md5}49f68a5c8493ec2c0bf489821c21fc3b'",
    "report": "38ff2aef3ffb7800fe85b322280ade2b867c8d27",
    "status": "success"
    "old-value": "absent",
    "property": "message",
    "timestamp": "2012-10-30T19:01:05.000Z",
    "resource-type": "Notify",
    "resource-title": "notify, yo",
    "new-value": "notify, yo",
    "message": "defined 'message' as 'notify, yo'",
    "report": "38ff2aef3ffb7800fe85b322280ade2b867c8d27",
    "status": "success"


You can use curl to query information about events like so:

curl -G -H "Accept: application/json" 'http://localhost:8080/experimental/events' --data-urlencode 'query=["=", "report", "38ff2aef3ffb7800fe85b322280ade2b867c8d27"]'

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