Deprecated Settings

Included in Puppet Enterprise 2015.3. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

The following Puppet settings are deprecated and will be removed in Puppet 5.0.


The cfacter setting was used to enable pre-releases of native Facter (distributed as the “cfacter” package) prior to the release of Facter 3.0. Now that native Facter is the default in puppet-agent packages, this setting has no purpose.


The configtimeout setting mashed the connect and read timeouts together, and could cause erroneous timeouts if everything was working fine but Puppet was transferring a very large file.

It’s been replaced by two new settings:

  • http_connect_timeout — controls how long Puppet should attempt to make a connection. A short timeout for this is sensible, since an over-long connect time usually means something’s wrong.
  • http_read_timeout — controls how long Puppet should allow transfers to continue. It’s normal to let this last a long time or be infinite, since some things just take a while to compile or download.

The old configtimeout setting now logs a deprecation warning if it’s set, and will be removed in Puppet 5.0.


The ignorecache setting has no effect, and has been dead code since Puppet 0.24.5.

This setting does not log a deprecation warning. Once it is removed in Puppet 5.0, Puppet will fail to start if you pass --ignorecache as a command line argument.

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