Puppet 4.1 Release Notes

This version of Puppet is not included in Puppet Enterprise. The latest version of PE includes Puppet 4.4. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

This page lists the changes in Puppet 4.1 and its patch releases.

Puppet’s version numbers use the format X.Y.Z, where:

  • X must increase for major backwards-incompatible changes
  • Y may increase for backwards-compatible new functionality
  • Z may increase for bug fixes

Puppet 4.1.0

Released May 19, 2015.

4.1.0 is a feature release in the Puppet 4 series. This release’s main focus was improvements to the Puppet language, but it also includes some improvements to resource types and a few miscellaneous fixes.

Also notable in this release: we’re officially deprecating Rack and WEBrick-based Puppet master servers.

DEPRECATED: Rack and WEBrick Web Servers for Puppet Master

We’re concentrating our future development efforts on Puppet Server, and to make sure we can deliver better features faster, we’re going to remove the ability to run a Puppet master under Rack or WEBrick in Puppet 5.0.

New: Language Features

This release improves the Puppet language with a new $server_facts variable (opt-in), a new \u{xxxxxx} escape sequence for Unicode characters, a new NotUndef data type, the ability to write functions in the Puppet language, and the ability to assign multiple variables from a data structure.

New: Structured Logging

The Puppet master and Puppet agent services (and the Puppet apply command) can log to a file if you set the --logdest option. Now, if you log to a filename with the .json extension, Puppet will log a JSON structure that you can consume with some other tool. Note that Puppet won’t close the top-level JSON array in this file; you’ll need to add the final ] character yourself.

New: Function API Change

The Puppet::Functions API now lets you define a parameter that can repeat any number of times and must appear at least once. This was possible before, but was inconvenient and overly wordy.

Windows Resource Type Improvements

This release adds some features to the group, package, and scheduled_task types, and fixes bugs with several other types.

Other Resource Type Improvements

This release adds some new providers for FreeBSD and AIX, improves provider detection, and adds features to some existing providers. It also fixes bugs in several resource types and providers.

New features:

Bug fixes:

Language Bug Fixes

This release fixes several bugs with the Puppet language.

Misc. Bug Fixes

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