Puppet HTTP API: Node

Included in Puppet Enterprise 3.8. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.


The node endpoint is used by the puppet agent to get basic information about a node. The returned information includes the node name and environment, and optionally any classes set by an External Node Classifier and a hash of parameters which may include the node’s facts. The returned node may have a different environment from the one given in the request if Puppet is configured with an ENC.


Retrieve data for a node

GET /:environment/node/:certname

Supported HTTP Methods


Supported Response Formats



> GET /production/node/mycertname HTTP/1.1
> Accept: pson, b64_zlib_yaml, yaml, raw

< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
< Content-Type: text/pson
< Content-Length: 4630



Returned node objects conform to the node schema.

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