Config Files: puppetdb.conf

Included in Puppet Enterprise 3.7. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

The puppetdb.conf file configures how Puppet should connect to one or more PuppetDB servers. It is only used if you are using PuppetDB and have connected your Puppet master to it.

PuppetDB 2.3 and Earlier

The following description does not apply to PuppetDB 3.0 and later. If you’re using a newer version, see the PuppetDB docs instead, as the file format has changed.


The puppetdb.conf file is always located at $confdir/puppetdb.conf. Its location is not configurable.

The location of the confdir varies; it depends on the OS, Puppet distribution, and user account. See the confdir documentation for details.


server =
port = 8081


The puppetdb.conf file uses the same INI-like format as puppet.conf, but only uses a [main] section and only has two settings:

  • The server setting must be set to the hostname of the PuppetDB server.
  • The port setting must be set to the port of the PuppetDB server.

See the PuppetDB manual for more information.

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