Puppet Localization

Welcome to the Puppet localization page!

The Tech Pubs team at Puppet is pursuing a long-term plan to translate our user documentation into as many languages as possible, but we need your help!

If you are interested in contributing to localization of our documentation into your native language, you can either join an existing language team, or request to form a new language team.

We currently have the following language teams:

  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • German

Create an account

  1. Select the project you are interested in contributing to. Currently we have:

  2. Create an account

    Click HELP TRANSLATE (project name). If you don’t already have a Transifex account, you will be asked to create one. Transifex is the translation platform that we’re using to manage the localization of documentation at Puppet. It offers many great features for contributing to localization, and collaborating with other language team members.

Join an existing language team

After you’ve logged in to Transifex and accessed the project, click Join team and select the language team that you’re interested in.

Request a new language team

If your language doesn’t exist yet, log in to Transifex, follow the links in Create an account to access your project of interest, and click Request language.


If you have any questions about contributing to localization at Puppet, please contact our localization team at localization@puppet.com.

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