Troubleshooting the Orchestration Engine

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Agents Not Appearing in Live Management

If you alter an agent’s name in puppet.conf or make other changes that affect how an agent is represented on the network, you may find that while the console shows the agent certificate request and, subsequently, shows it in node views, you still cannot perform orchestration tasks on it using live management. In such cases, you can often force it to reconnect by waiting a minute or two and then running puppet agent -t until you see output indicating the mcollective server has picked up the node. The output should look similar to:

Notice: /Stage[main]/Pe_mcollective::Server/File[/etc/puppetlabs/mcollective/server.cfg]/content:
--- /etc/puppetlabs/mcollective/server.cfg	2013-06-14 15:53:41.251544110 -0700
+++ /tmp/puppet-file20130624-42806-157zyeq	2013-06-24 14:45:09.865182380 -0700
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
loglevel        = info
daemonize       = 1

-identity = crm02
+identity =
# Plugins
securityprovider           = ssl
plugin.ssl_server_private = /etc/puppetlabs/mcollective/ssl/mcollective-private.pem

Tip: You should also run NTP to verify that time is in sync across your deployment.

Accessing the ActiveMQ Console

In some cases, you may need to access the ActiveMQ console to troubleshoot orchestration messages, which are handled by the pe-activemq service. To do this, you will need to enable the ActiveMQ console from within the PE console by editing the activemq_enable_web_console parameter of the pe_mcollective::role::master class. The ActiveMQ node can be reached from whichever node has the pe_mcollective::role::master class.

To activate the ActiveMQ console:

  1. In the PE console, navigate to the Groups page.

  2. Select the puppet_master group.

  3. From the puppet_master group page, click the Edit button.

  4. From the class list, select pe_mcollective::role::master.

  5. From the pe_mcollective::role::master parameters dialog, set the activemq_enable_web_console parameter to true.

  6. Click the Done button when finished.

You can access the ActiveMQ console on port 8161.

AIX Agents Not Registering with Live Management After 3.0 Upgrade

In some cases, the MCollective service on AIX agents may be stuck in the stopping state. In such cases, the agents will not come back up in live management after the upgrade. You can restore their connection by forcing the pe-mcollective process to die, by using the following commands on the agent:

lssrc -s pe-mcollective   # note returned pid
kill -9 <pid-of-pe-mcollective>

Running a 3.x Master with 2.8.x Agents is not Supported

3.x versions of PE contain changes to the MCollective module that are not compatible with 2.8.x agents. When running a 3.x master with a 2.8.x agent, it is possible that puppet will still continue to run and check into the console, but this means puppet is running in a degraded state that is not supported.

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