Index of Puppet APIs

Puppet provides a number of APIs that allow you to interact with Puppet applications. On this page, you’ll find a brief description of each API’s core tasks to help you figure out when to use which API.

API Useful for
PuppetDB APIs
  • Querying the data that PuppetDB collects from Puppet
  • Importing/exporting PuppetDB archives
  • Changing PuppetDB's model of a population
  • Querying information about the PuppetDB server
  • Querying PuppetDB metrics
RBAC service API v1
  • Managing access to Puppet Enterprise
  • Connecting to external directories
  • Generating authentication tokens
  • Managing users, user roles, user groups, and user permissions.
RBAC service API v2
  • Revoking authentication tokens
Node classifier service API
  • Querying the groups that a node matches
  • Querying the classes, parameters, and variables that have been assigned to a node or group
  • Querying the environment that a node is in
Puppet orchestrator API
  • Gathering details about the orchestrator jobs you run
  • Inspecting applications and applications instances in your Puppet environments

Code Manager API

  • Creating a custom URL that is used to trigger Code Manager
  • Queueing Puppet code deploys
  • Checking Code Manager and file sync status

Puppet Server administrative API

  • Deleting environment caches created by a Puppet master
  • Deleting Puppet Server's pool of JRuby instances
Status API
  • Checking the health status of PE services
Activity service API
  • Querying PE service and user events logged by the activity service
Razor API
  • Provisioning bare-metal machines
Forge API
  • Finding information about modules and users on the Puppet Forge
  • Writing scripts and tools that interact with the Forge website
Certificate Authority (CA) API

Used internally by Puppet to manage Puppet agent certificates. See also:

Puppet API
  • Retrieving a catalog for a node
  • Accessing environment information

For more information on how this API is used internally by Puppet, see Agent/Master HTTPs Communications page

File sync API Puppet only supports file sync through use of Code Manager. Directly accessing the file sync API is not supported and not recommended.

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