Checking and Viewing Puppet Jobs

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Use the puppet job list command to view a list of running and completed Orchestration jobs.

Viewing Jobs—Past and Present

To view a list of running and completed jobs, up to 50 maximum (the concurrency limit), ordered by finished timestamp, use the following command:

puppet-job list <OPTIONS>

Command Options

The following are common options you may use with the list action. For a complete list of global options run puppet job --help.

Option Values Description
--url flag Overrides the URL setting for the orchestrator service.
- --environment, --env, -e environment name Overrides the environment specified in your orchestrator configuration file.

The command returns something like the following:

234 Running   14:44:03 05-13-15 PST  <Job run user>  production   all
235 Complete  12:12:56 05-12-15 PST  <Job run user>  dev          ExampleApp::FullAppStack
236 Complete  03:33:03 05-03-15 PST  <Job run user>  production   ExampleApp['example\_app_instance']

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