Reviewing Applications

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Use the puppet app show command to view the applications you’ve modeled, as well as the applications you’ve instantiated, and are thus available to include in an orchestration run.

Note: The first time you run a command, you need to authenticate. See the Orchestrator client install page for information about setting RBAC permissions and token authorization.

Run the puppet app show Command

  • To show an application:

    puppet app show <APPLICATION> <OPTION>

  • To show an application instance:

    puppet app show <APPLICATION INSTANCE> <OPTION>

Without any arguments, the command shows all the application models and their instances found in your default environment (production).

Command Options

Option Values Description
--environment, --env, -e environment name Overrides the default environment specified in your Orchestration configuration file.

Example Output

The following is an example output that shows two instances of an application assigned to nodes, ExampleApp. One instance is called 'staging', and the other is called 'dev'.

App Show (Click to enlarge)

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