Known Issues Index

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The issues in the following affect the currently shipped version of PE and all prior releases through the 2015.2.x series, unless otherwise stated. These pages are updated with information as we find issues. As we fix issues, they are removed from this page and posted in the bug fixes section of the release notes.

  • Installation and Upgrade — This page gathers known issue information related to installs and upgrades in the Puppet Enterprise 2015.2 series.
  • Puppet Server — Issues within Puppet Server that have major impact on Puppet Enterprise 2015.2 can be found here.
  • PE console and Console Services — This page contains known issues pertaining to the PE console and PE console-services.
  • PuppetDB and PostgreSQL — This page gathers issues related to PuppetDB and PE’s implementation of PostgreSQL.
  • PE Services and Puppet Core — Any known issues affecting the PE 2015.2 series that involve the Puppet core are documented here.
  • Supported Platforms — As we discover issues related to the OS platforms supported in the 2015.2 series, we’ll add them here. This includes Windows known issues.
  • Razor — This page contains issues related to Razor, the bare metal provisioning tool.

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