r10k Subcommand Reference

A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

The following subcommands are available with r10k:

  • deploy: Performs operations on environments.
  • help: Generates help page for r10k.
  • puppetfile: Performs operations on a Puppetfile.
  • version Prints the version of r10k you are using.

First-level subcommand options

Each subcommand allows the following options:

  • --color: Enables colored log messages.
  • -h, --help: Shows help for this command.
  • -t, --trace: Displays stack traces on application crash.
  • -v, --verbose: Sets log verbosity. Valid values: fatal, error, warn, notice, info, debug, debug1, debug2.


The r10k deploy command accepts the following subcommands:

  • display: Displays a list of environments in your deployment.
    • To display a list of modules in the Puppetfile, add the -p flag to the command.
    • To display detailed information, add --detail to the command.
  • environment: Deploys environments and their dependent modules.
    • To update modules specified in the environment’s Puppetfile, add the -p flag to the command.
  • module: Deploys a module in all environments.
    • To update the modules in the environment, add the -e flag to the command.


The r10k puppetfile command accepts the following subcommands:

  • check: Verifies the Puppetfile syntax is correct.
  • install: Installs all modules from a Puppetfile.
  • purge: Purges unmanaged modules from a Puppetfile managed directory.

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