Configuring & Tuning Node Classifier

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Pruning the Node Classifier Database

The size of the node classifier database increases over time as PE runs and agents continue to check in. PE periodically prunes node check-ins from the node classifier database to prevent it from becoming too large. The pruning process runs every 24 hours (and each time pe-console-services starts or is restarted), and it deletes node check-in history that is older than the default of seven days.

To change the default number of days:

  1. In the PE console, navigate to the Classification page (Nodes > Classification).
  2. Click the PE Console group.
  3. In the PE Console group page, click the Classes tab.
  4. Locate the puppet_enterprise::profile::console class, and from the Parameter drop-down list, select classifier_prune_threshold.
  5. In the Value field, enter the number of days that you want to use as the default number.
  6. Click Add parameter and then click the Commit change button.”
  7. To make the change take affect, run Puppet (puppet agent -t). Running Puppet will restart pe-console-services.

Note: If you set the classifier_prune_threshold value to 0, the node classifier service will never prune the database.

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