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Puppet: Assigning a Class to a NodeIndexOrchestration: Overview

Puppet For New Users: Next Steps

More Resources

Learning Puppet

The preceding chapters were sprinkled with links to Learning Puppet, our primary resource for new Puppet users. To learn more about how to write classes and modules, how to arrange resources into useful combinations, and how Puppet sees the world, start at the beginning. You can download the Learning Puppet VM to start with, or you can simply use the test nodes you’ve already installed Puppet Enterprise on. Learning Puppet is a work in progress and is being actively improved.

More About Resource Types

For a fast, printable reference to the most common resource types, get the Core Types Cheat Sheet. For more detailed info about Puppet’s resource types, see the type reference for your version of Puppet.

More About the Puppet Language

For more complete details about the Puppet language, see the language reference.

More About the Console

For more on Puppet Enterprise’s console, see the console section of this user’s guide.

Puppet: Assigning a Class to a NodeIndexOrchestration: Overview

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