Screen Casts

Screen Casts

We believe screen casts give the best introduction to new concepts, we’ve recorded quite a few that compliments the documentation.

There’s a blip channel that has all the videos, you can subscribe and follow there. There is also a slideshare site where presentations will go that we do at conferences and events.

Introductions and Guides

  1. Introducing MCollective
  2. EC2 Hosted Demo
  3. Message Flow, Terminology and Components
  4. Writing Agents
  5. Detailed information about the DDL

Tools built using MCollective

  1. SimpleRPC DDL IRB
  2. Software Deployer used by developers
  3. Managing clusters of Exim Servers
  4. Bootstrapping Puppet on EC2



This video introduces the basic concepts behind MCollective. It predates the SimpleRPC framework but is still valid today.



EC2 Based Demo

Sometimes you just want to know if a tool is right for you by getting hands on experience we’ve made a EC2 hosted demo where you can fire up as many nodes in a cluster as you want and get some experience.

View the ec2demo page for more about this.


Message Flow, Terminology and Components

This video introduce the messaging concepts you need to know about when using MCollective, it shows how the components talk with each other and what software needs to be installed where on your network. Recommended you view this prior to starting your deployment.

We also have a page detailing the Terminology


How to write an Agent, DDL and Client

Writing agents are easy, we have good documentation that can be used as a reference, this video should show you how to tie it all together though. See the SimpleRPC Introduction for reference wiki pages after viewing this video.



The SimpleRPC DDL

The Data Definition Lanauge helps your clients produce more user friendly output, it ensures input gets validated, shows online help and enable dynamic generation of user interfaces. The DDL wiki page gives more information once you’ve watched this video.



SimpleRPC DDL enhanced IRB

A custom IRB shell that supports command completion based on the SimpleRPC DDL


Software Deployer using MCollective

We sometimes do comissioned work based on MCollective, this is a deployer we wrote using SimpleRPC. This deployer is used by developers to deploy applications live into production using a defined API and process.


Managing Exim Clusters

A command line and Dialog based UI written to manage clusters of Exim Servers.

The code for this is open source unfortunately it predates SimpleRPC, we hope to port it soon.


Bootstrapping Puppet on EC2 with MCollective

Modern cloud environments present a lot of challenges to your automated, using MCollective and some of the existing opensource agents and plugins we can completely automate the entire process of provisioning EC2 nodes with Puppet.

Full detail is available on this blog post


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