Version 1.2.x

Date Description Ticket
2011/11/09 Unsubscribe from topics when we are done with them to optimize use in very busy environments 10670
2011/06/30 Release 1.2.1 8117
2011/06/02 Correct parsing of MCOLLECTIVE_EXTRA_OPTS in cases where no config related settings were set 7755
2011/05/23 Allow applications to use the exit method as would normally be expected 7626
2011/05/16 Allow . in fact names 7532
2011/05/16 Fix compatability issues with RH4 init system 7448
2011/05/15 Handle failures from remote nodes better in the inventory app 7524
2011/05/06 Revert unintended changes to the Debian rc script 7420
2011/05/06 Remove the test agent that was accidentally checked in 7425
2011/05/04 Release 1.2.0 7227

Version 1.1.x

Date Description Ticket
2011/05/03 Improve Red Hat RC script by using distro builtin functions 7340
2011/05/01 Support setting a priority on Stomp messages 7246
2011/04/30 Handle broken and incomplete DDLs better and improve the format of DDL output 7191
2011/04/23 Encode the target agent and collective in requests 7223
2011/04/20 Make the SSL Cipher used a config option 7191
2011/04/20 Add a clear method to the PluginManager that deletes all plugins, improve test isolation 7176
2011/04/19 Abstract the creation of request and reply hashes to simplify connector plugin development 5701
2011/04/15 Improve the shellsafe validator and add a Util method to do shell escaping 7066
2011/04/14 Update Rakefile to have a mail_patches task 6874
2011/04/13 Update vendored systemu library for Ruby 1.9.2 compatability 7067
2011/04/12 Fix failing tests on Ruby 1.9.2 7067
2011/04/11 Update the DDL documentation to reflect the mco help command 7042
2011/04/11 Document the use filters on the CLI 5917
2011/04/11 Improve handling of unknown facts in Util#has_fact? to avoid exceptions about nil#clone 6956
2011/04/11 Correctly set timeout on the discovery agent to 5 seconds as default 7045
2011/04/11 Let rpcutil#agent_inventory supply unknown for missing values in agent meta data 7044
2011/04/07 Release 1.1.4 6952
2011/03/28 Correct loading of vendored JSON gem 6877
2011/03/28 Show collective and sub collective info in the inventory application 6872
2011/03/23 Disconnect from the middleware when mcollectived disconnects 6821
2011/03/21 Update rpcutil ddl file to be less strict about valid fact names 6764
2011/03/22 Support reading configuration from configfir/plugin.d for plugins 6623
2011/03/21 Update default configuration files for subcollectives 6741
2011/03/16 Add the ability to implement actions using external scripts 6705
2011/03/15 Port mc-controller to the Application framework and deprecate the exit command 6637
2011/03/13 Only cache registration and discovery agents, handle the rest as new instances 6692
2011/03/08 PluginManager can now create new instances on demand for a plugin type 6622
2011/03/07 Release 1.1.3 6609
2011/03/04 Rename /usr/sbin/mc to /usr/bin/mco 6578
2011/03/01 Wrap rpcclient in applications ensuring that options is always set 6308
2011/02/28 Make communicating with the middleware more robust by including send calls in timeouts 6505
2011/02/28 Create a wrapper to safely run shell commands avoiding zombies 6392
2011/02/19 Introduce Subcollectives for network partitioning 5967
2011/02/19 Improve error handling when parsing arguments in the rpc application 6388
2011/02/19 Fix error logging when file_logger creation fails 6387
2011/02/17 Correctly parse MCOLLECTIVE_EXTRA_OPTS in the new unified binary framework 6354
2011/02/15 Allow the signing key and Debian distribution to be customized 6321
2011/02/14 Remove inadvertently included package.ddl 6313
2011/02/14 Handle missing libdirs without crashing 6306
2011/02/14 Release 1.1.2 6303
2011/02/13 Surpress replies to SimpleRPC clients who did not request results 6305
2011/02/11 Fix Debian packaging error due to the same file in multiple packages 6276
2011/02/11 The application framework will now disconnect from the middleware for consistancy 6292
2011/02/11 Returning nil from a registration plugin will skip registration 6289
2011/02/11 Set loglevel to warn by default if not specified in the config file 6287
2011/02/10 Fix backward compatability with empty fact strings 6278
2011/02/07 Release 1.1.1 6080
2011/02/02 Load the DDL from disk once per printrpc call and not for every result 5958
2011/02/02 Include full Apache 2 license text 6113
2011/01/31 Create a new single executable application framework 5897
2011/01/30 Fix backward compatibility with old foo=/bar/ style fact searches 5985
2011/01/30 Documentation update to reflect correct default identity behavior 6073
2011/01/29 Let the YAML file force fact reloads when the files update 6057
2011/01/29 Add the ability for fact plugins to force fact invalidation 6057
2011/01/29 Document an approach to disable type validation in the DDL 6066
2011/01/19 Add basic filters to the mc-ping command 5933
2011/01/19 Add a ping action to the rpcutil agent 5937
2011/01/17 Allow MC::RPC#printrpc to print single results 5918
2011/01/16 Provide SimpleRPC style results when accessing the MC::Client results directly 5912
2011/01/11 Add an option to Base64 encode the STOMP payload 5815
2011/01/11 Fix a bug with forcing all facts to be strings 5832
2011/01/08 When using reload_agents or USR1 signal no agents would be reloaded 5808
2011/01/04 Use the LSB based init script on SUSE 5762
2011/01/04 Remove the use of a Singleton in the logging class 5749
2011/01/02 Add AES+RSA security plugin 5696
2010/12/31 Security plugins now have access to the callerid of the message they are replying to 5745
2010/12/30 Allow - in fact names 5727
2010/12/29 Treat machines that fail security validation like ones that did not respond 5700
2010/12/29 Release 1.1.0 5695
2010/12/28 Remove trailing whitespace from all source files 5702
2010/12/28 Adjust the logfile audit format to include local time and all on one line 5694
2010/12/26 Improve the SimpleRPC fact_filter helper to support new fact operators 5678
2010/12/25 Increase the rpcutil timeout to allow for slow facts 5679
2010/12/25 Allow for network and fact source latency when calculating client timeout 5676
2010/12/25 Remove MCOLLECTIVE_TIMEOUT and MCOLLECTIVE_DTIMEOUT environment vars in favour of MCOLLECTIVE_EXTRA_OPTS 5675
2010/12/25 Refactor the creation of the options hash so other tools don’t need to know the internal formats 5672
2010/12/21 The fact plugin format has been changed and simplified, the base now provides caching and thread safety 5083
2010/12/20 Add parameters <=, >=, <, >, !=, == and =~ to fact selection 5084
2010/12/14 Add experimental sshkey security plugin 5085
2010/12/13 Log a startup message showing version and log level 5538
2010/12/13 Add a console logger 5537
2010/12/13 Logging is now plugable and a syslog plugin was provided 5082
2010/12/13 Allow libdir to be an array of directories for agents and ddl files 5253
2010/12/13 The progress bar will now intelligently figure out the terminal dimentions 5524

Version 1.0.x

Date Description Ticket
2011/02/16 Release 1.0.1 6342
2011/02/02 Include full Apache 2 license text 6113
2011/01/29 The YAML fact plugin kept deleted facts in memory 6056
2011/01/04 Use the LSB based init script on SUSE 5762
2010/12/30 Allow - in fact names 5727
2010/12/29 Treat machines that fail security validation like ones that did not respond 5700
2010/12/25 Allow for network and fact source latency when calculating client timeout 5676
2010/12/25 Increase the rpcutil timeout to allow for slow facts 5679
2010/12/13 Release 1.0.0 5453

Version 0.4.x

Date Description Ticket
2010/12/04 Remove the LSB requirements for RedHat systems 5451
2010/11/23 Make the YAML fact source thread safe and force all facts to strings 5377
2010/11/23 Add get_config_item to rpcutil to retrieve a running config value from a server 5376
2010/11/20 Convert mc-facts into a SimpleRPC client 5371
2010/11/18 Added GPG signing to Rake packaging tasks (SIGNED=1) 5355
2010/11/17 Improve error messages from clients in the case of failure 5329
2010/11/17 Add helpers to disconnect from the middleware and update all bundled clients 5328
2010/11/16 Correct LSB provides and requires in default init script 5222
2010/11/16 Input validation on rpcutil has been improved to match all valid facts 5320
2010/11/16 Add the ability to limit the results to a subset of hosts 5306
2010/11/15 Add fire and forget mode to SimpleRPC custom_request 5305
2010/11/09 General connection settings to the Stomp connector was ignored 5245
2010/10/18 Release version 0.4.10  
2010/10/18 Document exit command to mc-controller 152
2010/10/13 Log messages that don’t pass the filters at debug level 149
2010/10/03 Preserve options in cases where RPC::Client instances exist in the same program 148
2010/09/30 Add the ability to set different types of callerid in the PSK plugin 145
2010/09/30 Improve Ruby 1.9.x compatibility 142
2010/09/29 Improve error handling in registration to avoid high CPU usage loops 143
2010/09/21 Release version 0.4.9  
2010/09/20 Improve Debian packaging task 140
2010/09/20 Add :boolean type support to the DDL 138
2010/09/19 Refactor MCollective::RPC to add less unneeded stuff to Object 137
2010/09/18 Prevent duplicate config loading with multiple clients active 136
2010/09/18 Rotate the log file by default, keeping 5 x 2MB files 135
2010/09/18 Write a overview document detailing security of the collective 131
2010/09/18 Add MCollective.version, set it during packaging and include it in the rpcutil agent 134
2010/09/13 mc-inventory now use SimpleRPC and the rpcutil agent and display server stats 133
2010/09/13 Make the path to the rpc-help.erb configurable and set sane default 130
2010/09/13 Make the configfile used available in the Config class and add to rpcutil 132
2010/09/12 Rework internal statistics and add a rpcutil agent 129
2010/09/12 Fix internal memory structures related to agent meta data 128
2010/08/24 Update the OpenBSD port for changes in 0.4.8 tarball 125
2010/08/23 Fix indention/block error in M:R:Stats 124
2010/08/23 Fix permissions in the RPM for files in /etc 123
2010/08/23 Fix language in two error messages 122
2010/08/20 Release version 0.4.8  
2010/08/19 Fix missing help template in debian packages 90
2010/08/18 Clean up some hardlink warnings in the Rakefile 117
2010/08/18 Include the website in the main repo and add a simple Rake task 118
2010/08/17 Handle exceptions for missing plugins better 115
2010/08/17 Add support for ~/.mcollective as a config file 114
2010/08/07 SSL security plugin can use either YAML or Marshal 94
2010/08/06 Multiple YAML files can now be used as fact source 112
2010/08/06 Allow log level to be adjusted at run time with USR2 113
2010/07/31 Add basic report scripting support to mc-inventory 111
2010/07/06 Removed ‘rpm’ from the default rake task 109
2010/07/06 Add redhat-lsb to the server RPM dependencies 108
2010/06/29 Release version 0.4.7  
2010/06/27 Change default factsource to Yaml 106
2010/06/27 Added VIM snippets to create DDLs and Agents 102
2010/06/26 DDL based help now works better with Symbols in in/output 105
2010/06/23 Whitespace at the end of config lines are now stripped 100
2010/06/22 printrpc will now inject some colors into results 99
2010/06/22 Recover from syntax and other errors in agents 98
2010/06/17 The agent a MC::RPC::Client is working on is now available 97
2010/06/17 Integrate the DDL with data display helpers like printrpc 92
2010/06/15 Avoid duplicate topic subscribes in complex clients 95
2010/06/15 Catch some unhandled exceptions in RPC Agents 96
2010/06/15 Fix missing help template file from RPM 90
2010/06/14 Release version 0.4.6  
2010/06/12 Qualify the Process class to avoid clashes in the discovery agent 88
2010/06/12 Add mc-inventory which shows agents, classes and facts for a node 87
2010/06/11 mc-facts now supports standard filters 86
2010/06/11 Add connection pool retry options and ssl for connection 85
2010/06/11 Add support for specifying multiple stomp hosts for failover 84
2010/06/10 Tighten up handling of filters to avoid nil’s getting into them 83
2010/06/09 Sort the mc-facts output to be more readable 82
2010/06/08 Fix deprecation warnings in newer Stomp gems 81
2010/06/03 Release version 0.4.5  
2010/06/01 Improve the main discovery agent by adding facts and classes to its inventory action 79
2010/05/30 Add various helpers to get reports as text instead of printing them 43
2010/05/30 Add a custom_request method to call SimpleRPC agents with your own discovery 75
2010/05/30 Refactor RPC::Client to be more generic and easier to maintain 75
2010/05/29 Fix a small scoping issue in Security::Base 76
2010/05/25 Add option –no-progress to disable progress bar for SimpleRPC 74
2010/05/23 Add some missing dependencies to the RPMs 72
2010/05/22 Add an option :process_results to the client 71
2010/05/13 Fix help output that still shows old branding 70
2010/04/27 The supplied generic stompclient now accepts STOMP_PORT in the environment 68
2010/04/26 Add a SimpleRPC Client helper to reset filters 64
2010/04/26 Listen for signal USR1 and reload all agents from disk 65
2010/04/12 Add SimpleRPC Authorization support 63
2010/04/03 Release version 0.4.4  
2010/03/27 Make it easier to construct SimpleRPC requests to use with the standard client library 60
2010/03/27 Manipulating the filters via the helper methods will force rediscovery 59
2010/03/23 Prevent Activesupport when brought in by Facter from breaking our logs 57
2010/03/23 Clean up logging for messages not targeted at us 56
2010/03/19 Add exception handling to the registration base class 55
2010/03/03 Use /usr/bin/env ruby instead of hardcoded paths 54
2010/02/17 Improve mc-controller and document it 46
2010/02/08 Remove some close coupling with Stomp to easy creating of other connectors 49
2010/02/01 Made the discovery agent timeout configurable using plugin.discovery.timeout 48
2010/01/25 mc-controller now correctly loads/reloads agents. 45
2010/01/25 Building packages has been improved to ensure rdocs are always included 44
2010/01/24 Release version 0.4.3  
2010/01/23 Handle ctrl-c during discovery without showing exceptions to users 34
2010/01/21 Force all facts in the YAML fact source to be strings 41
2010/01/19 Add auditing to SimpleRPC clients and Agents  
2010/01/18 The SRPM we provide will now build outside of the Rake environment 40
2010/01/18 Add a fail! method to RPC::Agent 37
2010/01/18 mc-rpc can now be used without supplying arguments 38
2010/01/18 Don’t raise an error if no user/pass is given to the stomp connector, try unauthenticated mode 35
2010/01/17 Improve error message when Regex validation failed on SimpleRPC input 36
2010/01/13 Release version 0.4.2  
2010/01/13 New packaging for Debian provided by Riccardo Setti 29
2010/01/07 Improved LSB compliance of the init script - thanks Riccardo Setti 32
2010/01/07 Multiple calls to SimpleRPC client would reset discovered hosts 31
2010/01/04 Timeouts can now be changed with MCOLLECTIVE_TIMEOUT and MCOLLECTIVE_DTIMEOUT environment vars 25
2010/01/04 Specify class and fact filters easier with the new -W or –with option 27
2010/01/04 Added COPYING file to RPMs and tarball 28
2010/01/04 Make shorter filter options -C, -I, -A and -F 26
2010/01/02 Release version 0.4.1  
2010/01/02 Added hooks to plug into the processing of requests, also enabled setting meta data and timeouts 14
2010/01/02 Created readers for @config and @logger in the SimpleRPC agent 23
2009/12/30 Don’t send out any requests if no nodes were discovered 17
2009/12/30 Added :discovered and :discovered_nodes to client stats 20
2009/12/30 Add a empty_filter? helper to the RPC mixin 18
2009/12/30 Fix formatting bug with progress bar 21
2009/12/29 Simplify mc-rpc command line 16
2009/12/29 Fix layout issue when printing hosts that did not respond 15
2009/12/29 Release version 0.4.0  
2009/12/28 Add support for other configuration management systems like chef in the –with-class filters 13
2009/12/28 Add a Util.empty_filter? to test for an empty filter  
2009/12/27 Create a new client framework - SimpleRPC 6
2009/12/27 Add support for multiple filters of the same type 3

Version 0.3.x

Date Description Ticket
2009/12/17 Release version 0.3.0  
2009/12/16 Improvements for newer versions of Ruby where TERM signal was not handled 7
2009/12/07 MCollective::Util is now a module and plugins can drop in util classes in the plugin dir  
2009/12/07 The Rakefile now works with rake provided on Debian 4 systems 2
2009/12/07 Improvements in the RC script for Debian and older Ubuntu systems 5

Version 0.2.x

Date Description Ticket
2009/12/01 Release version 0.2.0  

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