Hiera 3.1: Release Notes

Included in Puppet Enterprise 2016.1.

Note: We’ve released a major update to Hiera called Hiera 5.

It’s built into Puppet 4.9 and higher, and includes features like per-environment hierarchies, module data, simplified custom backends, improved debugging with puppet lookup --explain, and more.

As part of this update, we’ve moved Hiera’s documentation into the Puppet reference manual. Once you’ve upgraded to Puppet 4.9 or higher, see the following pages for more info about the new Hiera:

Hiera 3.1.2

Released April 26, 2016.

This is a bug fix release in the Hiera 3.1 series, shipped with puppet-agent 1.4.2

Bug Fix

Subkeys were matching by string values containing the subkey

When looking up a key with a dot, such as ‘foo.bar’, if foo was bound to a string containing the next segment (‘bar’) the value ‘bar’ was be returned instead of the expected undef.


Hiera 3.1.1

Released March 24, 2016.

This is a small one-feature release shipped in puppet-agent version 1.4.1.

New features

Interpolated keys can contain period character

It is now possible to lookup keys in Hiera data containing the . character (period), by quoting the entire name segment with either single or double quotes.

Note: It is important to correctly quote with the corresponding YAML or JSON syntax rules for single and double quotes when using quoted keys in interpolation inside of the Hiera data.

Hiera 3.1.0

Released March 16, 2016.

Shipped in puppet-agent version 1.4.0.

New features

deep_merge compatibility

Support deep_merge compatibility mode.


Hiera backend opt-in for producing subkeys

This new feature is for implementers of Hiera backends.

Hiera backends can now opt-in to a new feature in the backend API that allows the backend to be responsible for producing values from subkeys. This is beneficial for backends that would otherwise have to produce a very large hash (for example, from a database or LDAP) only to be reduced to a single value and the returned data. Now the backend can instead opt-in to do the required slicing.

Bug fixes

Exit compilation when no backend found

If Hiera could not load a backend, it would skip it with a warning. This could have serious implications on the configuration, as the compilation will potentially act on data where a large portion of it is missing. Hiera will now produce an error and exit catalog compliation.

Empty interpolations

A regression where empty interpolations in Hiera strings caused garbage text to be inserted has been fixed. This regression was introduced in the 3.x Hiera release. Empty interpolations such as %{}, or %{::} now work, and the trick to get one verbatim interpolation into the string (for example, “%%{}{environment}” producing the string “%{environment}”) is now also again functional.

Infinite recursion when calling hiera() in hiera.yaml

Calling the hiera() interpolation method from within a hiera.yaml caused infinite recursion. This was fixed by making it an error to set hiera() method in interpolation in hiera.yaml. Also, the use of other interpolation methods in hiera.yaml will now yield a deprecation warning as they will not be allowed in Hiera 4.0.

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