Facter Release notes

This version of Facter is not included in Puppet Enterprise. The latest version of PE includes Facter 3.6.

This page documents the history of the Facter 3.7 series.

Facter 3.7.1

Released July 19, 2017.

This is a minor bug fix release to Facter, containing only two issues.

Facter 3.7.0

Released June 26, 2017.

This version of Facter is included in the Puppet agent 5.0.0 release.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1579: Running on Devuan, the operatingsystem fact would return Linux. It now properly returns Devuan.

  • FACT-1268: Timeout for retrieving EC2 facts has been increased from 200ms to 600ms.

  • FACT-1544: Cache files are now deleted once their associated entry in the TTL list in the config file is removed.

  • FACT-1455: Facter now correctly returns the id fact when a group file entry is larger than 1KiB.

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