Facter 2.2: Release Notes

This version of Facter is not included in Puppet Enterprise. The latest version of PE includes Facter latest. A newer version is available; see the version menu above for details.

This page documents the history of the Facter 2.2 series. (Elsewhere: release notes for Facter 2.1 and Facter 2.0).

Facter 2.2.0

Released August 25, 2014.

Facter 2.2.0 is a backward-compatible features and fixes release in the Facter 2 series. In addition to a number bug fixes, this release includes three new structured facts: os, processors, and system_uptime. Several flat facts have also been added: lsbminordistrelease, gid, and rsc_ (Rackspace) instance data.

No facts have been removed or deprecated, but there are a few changes to lsbmajdistrelease, operatingsystemrelease, and operatingsystemmajrelease that may affect backwards compatibility with some manifests written for Ubuntu and/or Amazon Linux. See Significant Changes to Existing Facts for more information.

New Facts

Facter 2.2.0 ships with several new structured facts. These facts combine information from a number of different flat facts into a single hash. The old facts are still available in the same form as before, so you don’t need to change your existing manifests for compatibility reasons.

Structured Fact: os

This fact takes the form of a hash incorporating the following facts:

  • operatingsystem
  • operatingsystemmajrelease
  • operatingsystemrelease
  • osfamily
  • lsbdistcodename
  • lsbdistdescription
  • lsbdistid
  • lsbdistrelease
  • lsbmajdistrelease
  • lsbrelease

Here’s an example of what the new os fact looks like:

{  "osfamily"        => "Debian",
   "operatingsystem" => "Debian",
   "release" => {
         "major" => 1,
         "minor" => 2,
         "patch" => 3,
         "full"  => "1.2.3" },
    "lsb" => {
         "distid"          => "Debian",
         "distcodename"    => "wheezy", 
         "distdescription" => "Debian GNU/Linux 7.4 (wheezy)",
         "distrelease"     => "1.2.3",
         "majdistrelease"  => "1" }

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Structured Fact: system_uptime

The new system_uptime fact is a hash that incorporates the following flat facts:

  • uptime_seconds
  • uptimes_hours
  • uptime_days
  • uptime

Here’s an example of what the new system_uptime fact looks like:

{"seconds"=>609351, "hours"=>169, "days"=>7, "uptime"=>"7 days"}

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Structured Fact: processors

The new processors (note the plural) fact is a hash that incorporates the following flat facts:

  • processor
  • processorcount
  • physicalprocessorcount
  • processorspeed
  • processor{NUMBER}

Here’s an example of what the new processors fact looks like:

~~~ ruby { “models”=> [ “Processor0”=>”Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz”, “Processor1”=>”Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz”], “count”=>2, “physicalcount”=>2, “speed”=>”2.40 GHz” } ~~~

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Flat Fact: lsbminordistrelease

Returns the minor version of the operation system version as gleaned from the lsbdistrelease fact.

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Flat Fact: gid

Returns the GID (group identifier) of the user running Puppet.

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Flat Facts: rsc_ (Rackspace) Instance Data

Adds is_rsc, rsc_region, and rsc_instance_id facts on Rackspace instances.

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Platform-Specific Fixes

FACT-547: Limit the output of prtdiag on Solaris

Limits the output of prtdiag (only used on Solaris) to 10 lines. This provides a minor performance benefit on Solaris boxes.

FACT-595: Unbreak {is_,}virtual fact for OpenBSD when running on KVM

Previously, the is_virtual and virtual facts did not correctly recognize KVM virtualization of OpenBSD (and possibly other operating sytems). This release improves the detection logic for KVM, which fixes the bug.

FACT-651: faulty detection of KVM on SunOS hosts

Improves the virtual fact’s logic for detecting KVM virtualization under SunOS.

FACT-621: Add OpenBSD support for ‘partitions’ fact

This release improves the partitions fact to support OpenBSD systems.

FACT-629: EC2 facts should ignore proxy

The ec2_ facts are gathered by making an HTTP call to the EC2 API’s metadata endpoint, which is directly accessible from all EC2 instances. If an HTTP proxy was configured, previous versions would attempt to use it to reach the EC2 API server, which probably isn’t a good idea. This release skips the proxy when making the request to the EC2 metadata endpoint.

FACT-641: Solaris 10 zfs_version fix

The zfs_version fact would sometimes leak errors generated while resolving the fact. This release fixes the behavior.

FACT-642: zpool_version fix

Previously, the zfs_version fact would fail under zfsonlinux. This release fixes the behavior.

FACT-644: XCP operatingsystem fact fix

The operatingsystem fact will now resolve to XCP on XCP systems, rather than RedHat.

FACT-647: SELinux exception handling

Adds basic exception handling to the selinux fact.

FACT-648: Xen 4.0 command support

Xen 4.0 changed the command for querying Xen domains from /usr/bin/xm to /usr/bin/xl, which broke the xendomains fact. This release changes the resolution of that fact to prefer /usr/bin/xl, falling back to /usr/bin/xm if that doesn’t work.

FACT-659: Partitions fact does not correctly parse the filesystem attribute under Linux

This bug in the partitions fact prevented filesystem attributes from being properly parsed under Linux. This release fixes the bug.

Significant Changes to Existing Facts

These changes improve the accuracy of the lsbmajdistrelease, operatingsystemmajrelease, and operatingsystemrelease facts, but may break manifests that were based on the previous behavior. Note that only Ubuntu and Amazon Linux are affected.

FACT-688: Facter reports Ubuntu Major Release version incorrectly (lsbmajdistrelease)

Previously, the major version for an Ubuntu release like 12.10 would be reported as 12, as though 12.10 were a patch on 12.04. Since that’s not the way Ubuntu releases are actually numbered, the behavior has been changed so that lsbmajdistrelease will respect Ubuntu’s two-part major versions, e.g., lsbmajdistrelease => 12.10.

FACT-689: Facter reports Amazon release incorrectly (operatingsystemrelease / operatingsystemmajrelease)

Previously, the operatingsystemrelease and operatingsystemmajrelease facts on Amazon Linux would fail to find the AMI version and instead report the Linux kernel version, for example: operatingsystemmajrelease => 2, operatingsystemrelease => 2.6.32-431.11.2.el6.x86_64. This release properly identifies the AMI release version, e.g.: operatingsystemmajrelease => 2014, operatingsystemrelease => 2014.03.

Packaging Fixes

FACT-467: Puppet 3 on Debian ARM

Previously, a packaging dependency on dmidecode made it impossible to install Facter 2 (and by extension, later versions of Puppet) on ARM platforms (including the Raspberry Pi). This release ensures that installation won’t fail just because dmidecode is unavailable.

FACT-597: Facter needs a package dependency on net-tools on RHEL7 for ifconfig

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 doesn’t include ifconfig as part of the minimal install, but it’s required for a number of networking facts. This release adds a dependency for the net-tools package on RHEL 7, which includes ifconfig.

FACT-646: Recommend lsb-release in Debian control file

Adding lsb-release as a recommended dependency in the Debian control file, which should prevent some issues with the various LSB facts.

Miscellaneous Fixes

FACT-627: Boolean facts not printed with facter -p if fact value is false

Facter 2 added support for non-string facts, including booleans. However, a bug in previous Facter 2 releases would cause facter -p to skip facts that returned a literal false value. This release fixes the bug.

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